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Skabe Buza single estate EVOO is made exclusively from Buza olives, an Istrian native cultivar that we harvest by hand at 500 feet above sea level in Istria, Croatia, while the olives are mostly green. This labor intensive work ensures that each olive is in perfect condition before being rushed to the mill for same-day processing. Although this yields far less olive oil than when picked fully ripe, the quality of olive oil is superior.


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Skabe Farmhouse has been owned since 1634 by the Radesic Family (OPG). For more than seven generations, our family has tended to our olive groves on the Northern Adriatic coast, in the ancient region of Istria.
Tasting sensations
Region Croatia
Cultivar Buza
Suggested food pairing
Caesar's Salad Match: 4.7 / 5

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